"Reddemeade Riding camp is great fun.  My daughter has gone for 3 or 4 previous summers and loved it.  They have
optional extended care hours for working parents too."
J. S.

"I also wanted to thank you for the program you have there. Heather has done so well and we have seen so much
improvement year after year. I will continue to recommend Reddemeade to anyone looking to take lessons. We also
wanted to extend our thanks Mary, Melissa, Steve, Mary Ann and the other instructors that Heather has had the luxury
to work with over the years. They have done a wonderful job!"
D. L.

"I am always so impressed at how well run your barn is and how awesome your staff is..."
R. R.

"Just wanted to say how fun the new horses are! Thank you. Last night we were all raving about how innovative and
enjoyable EquiShare is. Also, Nancy and Liz have been great, amongst others.  Anyway, I know I'm not the only one in
admiration of what you do!"
E. L.

"My daughter' experience at Reddemeade was very enjoyable. We loved the atmosphere, horses and especially the
staff. The only problem was it was just too much of a hike for us . . .. The only suggestion I could possibly have is ...
could you simply move it a bit closer?"
S. H.

"Whilst at Reddemeade I had lessons with Steve Young and Jessica Schaberg both of whom were exceptionally
supportive of my foray back into horse riding in my mid thirties after a break of more than 15 years. . . . Thanks to
Steve and Jessica and the rest of the team at Reddmeade for helping me to get my confidence back."

"I LOVE Reddemeade - I'm taking lessons from Christine, she's really awesome in the adult class."

"As I write I am still feeling the effects of last evening's terrific lesson on Zack (great guy!). A great feeling of muscles
stretched! When I drive home the 45 minutes I sit in silence thinking how good I feel and my joy at having finally
resumed my riding. And with such a good instructor like Katrina.  May I say I am very, very impressed by the quality of
your horses (last evening I admired someone schooling Valentyno) and the way Reddemeade is operated. I just
recommended you to a friend in the office."

"I've been so pleased with all my lessons at Reddemeade. So glad I found your barn!"

"Thank you for the kind words about our daughter. My husband and I think she and our son are naturals; but we are
their parents, so it is nice to hear it from an expert.  I think they look like naturals because you were kind enough to
allow them to begin with Mary Ann when they were only three. Since Mary Ann, Jessica has been an intelligent and
positive coach and we very much appreciate the fact that her instruction results in them being safe, smart riders. They
are Reddemeade born and bred!"
T. H.

"We had a wonderful experience at Reddemeade. We were very impressed by the instructors. . . . You have a
wonderful facility and staff."
A. G.

"Camp at Reddemeade last summer was great. The best thing about camp was that we were able to tack up and
groom the horses by ourselves."


I really liked Reddemeade's summer camp.  The best thing was getting to ride 2 times a day.  I got so much better
really fast.  I also liked looking after the horses - I want to own a horse one day."


"Reddemeade Camp was so much fun.  I really liked riding a lot and getting to ride more challenging horses.  I also
really liked learning more about looking after horses."


"The girls have been riding at Reddemeade for 18 months now learning from Suzanne.  This is a wonderful friendly
barn and being here has been great for them on so many levels.  It's not just the improvement in their riding but their
level of strength, fitness, self confidence and sense of responsibility.  Some people say that riding is not a physically
challenging sport as you are "just sitting on a horse".  Anyone who has watched a lesson and seen riders afterwards
knows it requires strength, balance, fitness and endurance."


"I have to let you know that Equishare has made me the happiest person ever! I really truly enjoy being able to have
all the fun of horse ownership without the worries (vet bills, etc). At first I was skeptical that it would be enough to keep
me satisfied, but it is. It's a wonderful program and I am really getting a lot out of it. My riding has improved and I love
getting off work early and heading over for a ride."

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